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NAC Mobile Solutions

Our initial consultation is free. NAC expert will determine what your requirement is and suggest a plan or strategy that meets your budget and requirements.
Free Consulting Session
1 hr

NAC Mobile Solutions Inc. has been in existence for over a decade developing customized solutions for the home as well as for small to medium sized business markets. We have worked on solutions ranging from smarthomes to building mobile data centres and underground bunkers equipped with voice, video and internet.

Founded in 2001, NAC Mobile Solutions’s mandate is to provide applications using wireless, wireline and the internet infrastructures to any device in order to make your home or home based business more efficient and secure.  Our solutions have been known to reduce operations costs (heat, electricity) by as much as 25% in some cases.  Having the ability to automatically shut off the main water valve when a leak is detected while you are on vacation can save you thousands of dollars in potential damages.  Having a smart water shut off value is a relatively inexpensive solution when you look at the repair costs of a flooded basement.

Do you desire to:

1. view files or movies securely from outside your home?

2. Keep an eye of what your children view and how long they are online

3. Ensure that your existing IoT devices are secure and free from hacks

4. Create automation scripts so that your lights and garage door open when you turn the corner.

5. Optimize your home's wireless coverage for streaming video with no lag.

If any of the above appeal to you, give us a call and we can create a custom solution for you based on your specific requirement and need.  Our experts can create enterprise type solutions for you at consumer prices to be able to give you the comfort of a secure and safe dwelling.

If your home is wired for an ADT, Honeywell, Interlogix, Ademco, Brinks, DSC or similar alarm system, your home is pre-wired to be a smart home. Ask us how we can send alerts to your smartphone using your existing sensors without any monthly costs.

Our Servuces

Our Services


NAC Experts can work with you to analyze your environment, determine your requirements, create a customized solution. Implement it and then help you support it.


NAC is able to determine how secure your residence is and based one your unique requirements, assist in ensuring that you have sufficient physical and logical security that will protect your family, assets and personal information.


NAC is able to evaluate your existing wiring and determine the best combination of cabling and technology required to meet your budget and requirement.  Our industry certified experts are able to wire electrical, data and voice infrastructure.

Turn Key 

NAC can assist you in any of all aspects of your smarthome. We work with you to plan, design, install and even service the solution based on your comfort level and experience with technology solutions.  Our "white glove"  option allows you to relax and enjoy the features of your smarthome after we have installed and trained you on how to access your features.

Our solutions provide Intrusion Detection type security to the home. This allows one to view what applications are being used by whom and when. Giving you more detail on all data traffic coming in or out of your home.

Behavioural Analytics

We work with the customer in the planning, budgeting, design and execution of the project. 

Let us work with you on your vision and bring it to reality.


“Their professionalism and experience was a key reason for us selecting NAC for our office setup. 

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates


Ready to find out more?

Send us an email and we will send you a smarthome guide in pdf format that can assist and help you in picking the right type of endpoints.  This guide is a useful reference tool for beginners and even adept smarthome enthusiasts. 

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