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NAC Mobile Solutions Inc. has been in existence for over a decade developing customized solutions for the small to medium sized business markets. 

Founded in 2002, NAC Mobile Solutions’s mandate is to provide applications using wireless, wireline and the internet infrastructures to any device in order to make day to day business more efficient and secure.  Solutions like Fleet management, inventory tracking using RFID tags, and now leveraging BLE sensors to bring intelligence into the retail market.


Our Technical experts have a combined experience of over a 100 years in the design and implementation of technical solutions for all sizes of businesses. We have experts in security, Wireless, Networking, Unified Collaboration and Cabling to allow in the creation of a fully intermeshed and supported solution for the end user.

Fog Computing

Fog computing emphasizes proximity to end-users and client objectives, dense geographical distribution and local resource pooling, latency reduction and backbone bandwidth savings to achieve better quality of service(QoS) and edge analytics/stream mining, resulting in superior user-experience and redundancy in case of failure while it is also able to be used in assisted living scenarios. NAC solutions combine cloud computing with Fog computing to allow flexibility on how smarthome devices can be accessed and interoperate with each other through the use of controllers and customized scripts that allow various endpoints to fully collaboratively.


Interoperability is a vital part of a smarthome.  As there is no set standard in terms of smarthome setup, there are several protocols that several vendors are using that are within a typical home.  Protocols like Zigbee and Zwave are two of the more common ones.  There are also legacy protocols like X.10 or Insteon or new methods like WiFi, Bluetooth, Thread or KNX.  Each vendor supports one or a few protocols but there  is no solution that incorporates "out of the box" all of the various protocols. Interoperability is achieved through the use of a controller and scripts that allow several devices to work in tandem with each other to enhance the end user experience.  Devices that individually won't work with each other can be synchronized to work with other devices via fog or cloud based computing.  NAC Mobile Solutions will do a pre-assessment of your home and determine what you have, what you desire and create a customized plan to bring automation to you.  If you want your alarm to turn on and your garage door to close and your lights to automatically shut off when you leave your driveway, that can be done.  Let us show you what can be done to ensure the safety of your home and enhance your lifestyle.

Turn Key Solution

NAC Mobile Solutions custom smart home solutions offers:

  • A flexible, cost saving, reliable solution

  • Catered to the needs of a home owners

  • Utilize the latest technology enhancements

  • A converged network environment

How do we do it?

As part of our Professional Services suite we provide,

  • Expertise in technical services

  • Maximize your infrastructure investment

  • Dependable and timely implementation


As part of our Managed Services suite we provide

  • Expertise in technical support

  • Maximize your support infrastructure investment

  • Dependable and timely resolution to your technical questions

  • Optionally offer 24x7 support

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